Monday, December 8, 2008

Birds on the move



Look into my Eye

Stringy Field Rat
Here Kitty Kitty

Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Exibit

Gene, here are some of the pictures we spoke of..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thought I would share.......

This is what it looks like when you are setting in my swamp.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Hideaway in the Swamps of Louisiana

Normally I don't tell stories on myself...If, You may see some humor, feel free to laugh. The weekend I took these pictures, there were two events that stood out. The 1st was early Friday morning, two coyotes tuned up about 30 yards from the room I was sleeping in. It was awesome. I don't normally hear coyotes, so upon waking, I was also trying to figure out where the heck I was. I didn't know two coyotes could make that much noise. I believe it was pretty close to a full moon, that made it a bit erie..
The 2ND event, that weekend was also opening season for ducks. Keep in mind, I was set up about 30 yards from the water in a deer blind with cameras set up ready for the dawn to happen. Well, You can pretty well guess the rest of that story. Yep, I think those duck hunters spent the night in those blinds. I still had a bump on my head the next day from the top of the deer blind

This is where you can hit the rewind button

Where the Magic is kept!

No one home.............

Acorns are slippery!!

Camera Shy Bird

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Down the Highway in search of.....Eagles, Horned Toads & Dragon Flys

It was neat listening to the bridge creaking in the wind. Remember when traffic was so lite at night, you and you friends could have a party out there?

Well, we headed West this weekend. We realized the nest that we had located was in fact the humble abode of a Red Tail Hawk. He was not too hip on us being there. After a few frowns from the hawk, we left. That is when we run across an old complex of bridges across the Brazos river. We talked about moving further West. Mother Nature had other plans for us. Friday evening, The weather took a turn. The radar Friday Night and Saturday morning showed a large storm system moving to North central Texas. We headed back to the house, not a bad move. This is one of the images from the storm.
So, Saturday was ducking storms, eating Mexican food and recovering. ( I'm still exercising the wounded wing..12 weeks is along time not to use the dominant arm for anything heavier than a cup of coffee. Pokey! In case you are wondering, I do all the camera lifting with my left arm. The left arm is getting pretty trim and tough)

Sunday Morning We packed up to chase behind the storm and take a few pictures... We didn't get up early enough.

Hairball? Naw, just a minnow went down wrong.

Katelyn These are for you....

The past three years of traveling down the highways and byways have shown me horses or all kinds. Horses are like people. Some are used to having their picture taken, some are shy, and then there are some that even show out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lets take a trip............

Let me preface this by telling you that I am not a writer. I like to tell stories with a camera. I may not be so good at that either. So bear with me.

Some where between the Red River and Uvalde Texas are town names that as a child we would read about in the paperback books, we watched on Saturday morning TV and if you was old enough; you listened to the westerns on the battery operated radio in the living room, that the family would gather around. Our imaginations ran unchecked. Louis L’Amour wrote about these places. The Outlaws, Indians, Rangers and Cowboys; they are all still there, in the hill country, on the plains and around the bend. Let’s see, Junction, Bandera, San Saba, Uvalde, Lampasas, llano, Mason, Cherokee, Comanche, Hondo, and Hico, just to name a few. I don’t know why, but something tugs at my mind when I have the bit in my mouth and the wind in my mane.

Driving South down Hwy. 377, 144, and a multitude of county and unpaved country roads we stopped in Hico, at some ‘fast chicken' food place. Travel on Hwy 281 is always a pleasure, for some reason this time, more so that usual. Radio 89.7 was cranking out some good old C&W. You ever hear Hank Williams Sr. without the crackle and scratch of an old Victrola? We stopped along the way to finish off that chicken, fast. Moon roof open and the stereo ON, Hwy. 281 was slipping quickly by. Dorothy (GPS with a voice) was handing out driving instructions like politicians hand out promises. Dorothy is OK when she is headed somewhere that has a destination. We were not sure where we would wind up, so I turned off the tracker. Star, Texas?! Whoops, think we are lost, naw, just too far north. We spent a night in San Saba and a night in Uvalde. Nice, It appears that in rural Texas there is a movement to restore some of the old motor courts.

We changed zip codes quicker than an old sailor with a nicotine fit could smoke a pack of “Lucky Strikes”. When the mail boxes outnumbered the cattle we would pickup speed and move farther down the road.

On this trip I shot 400 raw digital images, so I won’t bore you with all those details. From here to Uvalde and in between is pretty neat country. We met some really friendly people. Some of the places we stopped were Mason, Cherokee, Art, Junction and Pontotoc. I have a feeling after looking at ‘Cool River’ I need a return visit.

Mission this weekend as others recent is to find and take a picture of a Horned Lizard, Eagle or a Dragon Fly. I ain’t proud; I’ll take either or all three. Yes…

Please critique ..I'll place some pictures in here as this week goes on. I 'll try t0 caption some of the pictures. It may take me some time to do the blog.